Take the first step to a healthier future at Araneta City

Today, there is a growing trend of people being more conscious about their health. According to the GWI Consumer Trends Report 2022, 98% of Filipino consumers are more conscious about their health and have made the switch to a healthier lifestyle. Moreover, 68% said that they have found ways to be more physically healthy – an encouraging sign pointing towards more Filipinos being proactive about their health.

But there is still much to be done when it comes to our attitude about going to the doctor and ensuring that every part of our body is functioning well. According to a study by Capstone-Intel Corp., only 40% of Filipinos go for annual checkups, and even when they are feeling sick, only 33% consult a physician.

This is a concern that is being addressed at Araneta City. As a rising health and wellness hub, the City of Firsts hosts a wide array of medical clinics and laboratories where people can readily avail themselves of a variety of medical procedures and services with ease. All these are conveniently located in residential towers, office buildings, and malls to help promote a health-seeking attitude among Araneta City-zens.

Here are some of the healthcare facilities you can find at the City of Firsts:

MakatiMed Care Access Araneta City

Located at the Ground Floor of Manhattan Plaza, the MakatiMed Care Access Araneta City is the first health facility of the renowned Makati Medical Center outside Makati City. It offers the best healthcare services to those living and working in and around Araneta City. Some of the services that can be availed at the MakatiMed Care Access Araneta City are health screening services, diagnostic imaging, and hemodialysis treatment.

The Medical City Clinics

The brand of excellence that Medical City is known for can also be found at the Level 3 of Gateway Mall, Lower Ground Floor of Ali Mall, and Upper Ground Floor of Cyberpark Tower 1. Patients can consult doctors from different fields of expertise or undergo a variety of services such as laboratory and imaging, tests for the cardiovascular system such as Electrocardiogram (ECG), 2D Echocardiogram and 24-Hour Blood Pressure Monitoring, can also be availed at these branches.

Keralty Gateway Clinic

If it’s one-stop healthcare you’re after, then look no further than Keralty Gateway Clinic at Level 2 of Gateway Mall. This clinic offers a wider range of medical services such as consultations with specialists, dental services, dermatological clinical services, imaging and even surgical services, among many others.

Aventus Medical Clinic

From check-ups to vaccine administration to even audiometry and minor surgeries, you can find it all at Aventus Medical Clinic located in Manhattan Parkview. Aside from the aforementioned services, you can also avail yourself of a wide variety of imaging and diagnostic services and even consult with medical professionals from different areas of expertise.

As part of Araneta City’s mixed-use development, all these medical facilities are strategically situated in the heart of Metro Manila, and can be reached via a wide selection of land transportation modes — PUVs, buses, and trains — making any laboratory or medical appointment more convenient.

“We know that accessibility, ease, and convenience are foremost in the minds of people today, so we made sure that our Araneta City-zens have all they need and more right here in the City of Firsts–and that includes healthcare,” Marjorie Go, Araneta City’s AVP for Marketing said. “With a wide array of healthcare institutions all found here in Araneta City, our denizens can be assured that they can fully take care of their health and well-being without the need to travel far.”

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