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Times Square Food Park

Araneta City

3 PM - Onwards

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Christmas Animated Display

Times Square Food Park, Araneta City

Until January 5, 2020

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Christmas Parolan 2019

Farmers Garden Parking ( Gen. MacArthur Avenue)

Until Dec. 31, 2019

Heart of the City


For close communities, neighboring residences, schools, offices, and other establishments, the Araneta City is the convergence point where everything they need is here.


As a multi-modal transport hub, the Araneta City is accessible via two major mass railway systems, as well as all other modes of city transportation.


This bustling live-work-play hub is protected by the City's own security and traffic enforcers, with roving patrols, CCTV cameras, and a 24-hour medic team.


The Araneta City is your true lifestyle and leisure hub where anyone can enjoy shopping, dining, movies, entertainment, staycations, and urban living all in one stop.

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