Antipolo-based artist holds nature-inspired exhibit at Gateway Gallery

Antipolo-based artist holds nature-inspired exhibit at Gateway Gallery

The crashing of ocean waves on stolid rocks; the swaying grass on the windy hill; and the dripping of myriad hues on the daybreak sky. Artworks that extol nature and the human experience are the main theme of the third art exhibit of Antipolo-based artist Joseph Espino at the Small Room of Gateway Gallery in Gateway Mall.

Titled “Live Dreams: from Quartz to Mountains”, Espino’s art exhibit is an assembly of works in various media that unravels God’s palpable handiwork, the natural world. Espino says that this incredible vision of wonder happens anytime and anywhere. We only need to listen and see intently. 

To acknowledge God and help in spreading the gospel, Espino signs his artwork with “John 3:16”. “I remember one afternoon going home when I saw this Bible verse in one of the nondescript walls along EDSA. It is one of the greatest messages of the Bible. Suddenly, at that moment, the spiritual experience became my source of inspiration for painting. All the things that we have, we owe to God: our wealth, our jobs, our family, and yes, even our talent,” said Espino.

A full-time artist, Espino is working as a web and graphic artist for almost 30 years. He is a Cultural Center of the Philippines Grantee in Poetry, a two-time third-placer in GSIS Art Awards, and an honorable mention in the Sculpture Category.

Unlike other artists, Espino’s process in art-making is a bit quirky and disorganized as he developed a habit of doing various routines before facing the canvas such as puttering in the garden or simply meandering and waiting. From there, he gets motivated to start painting.

Joseph Espino’s “Live Dreams: from Quartz to Mountains” solo art exhibit is on view until January 31, at the Gateway Gallery on Level 5 of Gateway Mall. Entrance to Gateway Gallery is free of charge, and the catalog to the art exhibit is available upon request.

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