Make Araneta City your home for the holidays

Make Araneta City your home for the holidays

The most wonderful time of the year has arrived, and Araneta City is all set to make the much-awaited season truly special and extra memorable!

This year, Araneta City celebrates the holiday with the theme "The City of Firsts: Your Home for Christmas" to encapsulate the warm essence of the season – the familiar comfort of celebrating with your loved ones, the delightful spirit of sharing and giving, and the tender feeling of being at home.

Create new Christmas memories at Araneta City by spending time with loved ones at the New Gateway Mall 2. Explore the mall's wide array of dining options for meetups and gatherings. Make gift giving extra special by checking out the latest and trendiest items at the selection of new stores.

Spend time with your loved ones at the spacious Quantum Skyview, and snap some groufies by the towering Christmas tree or by the dynamic LED ceiling display. Or bring them to the Sagrada Familia Church on the uppermost floor for moments of spiritual renewal and reflection.

For a more nostalgic holiday touch, check out these beloved classic attractions at the City of Firsts:

  • 1. Fiesta Carnival: A reunion with nostalgia
  • One of the most cherished facets of Araneta City's Yuletide celebration this year is the return of the Fiesta Carnival -- the famous indoor theme park of the yesteryears. The OG go-to carnival from the 70s to the 90s will be revived at its original location to rekindle cherished childhood memories and create new ones.

    Friends and families are invited to enjoy thrilling rides and games that will evoke the same old happy feelings of innocence and youthfulness in a modern setting. Watch out for its opening across the Smart Araneta Coliseum Green Gate.

  • 2. Giant Christmas Tree: The centerpiece of the holidays
  • The Giant Christmas Tree at the City of Firsts is a quintessential part of Christmas celebrations in the metro. The towering holiday symbol, which has been Araneta City's tradition since 1981, glistens in gold, silver, and red to suit the bright colorful season.

    Complementing the overall design of the giant Christmas trees this year is a golden carousel that was placed underneath the tree, an ode to the returning Fiesta Carnival for an enchanting atmosphere of nostalgia and togetherness. Visit the bright tree at the Times Square Park.

  • 3. Parolan: Your one-stop for everything Christmas
  • Parolan is another annual tradition that embodies the Christmas spirit in Aranera City. Running until December 31, this festive marketplace is a must-visit place for all holiday decorating needs.

    Here, visitors can find a wide assortment of Christmas decorations, including twinkling lights, baubles, and the iconic Pinoy parol (Filipino lantern). This treasure trove of holiday decor makes it easy for people to transform their homes into a winter wonderland. So drop by at Parolan at the Farmers Garden Parking.

  • 4. More Christmas delights at the City of Firsts
  • Araneta City is brimming with more festive cheers and dazzling displays for a familiar home-y holiday feels:

    • a breathtaking fireworks display, every Friday to Sunday until December 30;
    • colorful Santa meet-and-greet sessions every weekend until December 25, and Christmas Mascot Parade every Sunday until Christmas.
    • Santa's Workshop at the Quantum Skyview, New Gateway Mall 2; and
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    • enchanting evening busking at Manhattan Row from December 5 to 28.

With all these Christmas offers, Araneta City is warmly welcoming everyone to celebrate, create cherished memories, and rediscover the joys of being home for the holidays.

Experience the magic of the holiday season in a place that truly feels like home only at the City of Firsts.

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