Araneta City intensifies contact tracing efforts with KyusiPass

Araneta City intensifies contact tracing efforts with KyusiPass

The City of Firsts strengthens its contact tracing for all its customers and employees with Quezon City’s KyusiPass digital contact tracing system.

In compliance with the Quezon City Government’s directive, Araneta City aligns its current contact tracing efforts with KyusiPass, a mandatory city-wide system powered by SafePass. Business establishments and offices in Araneta City now use QR codes from KyusiPass to make contact tracing easier and faster.

KyusiPass QR codes are readily available in all entrances of business establishments, shopping malls, and offices in Araneta City. A customer, employee, or visitor has to do the following:

  • 1. Scan the QR code using your smartphone.
  • 2. Open the provided SafePass link.
  • 3. Input your mobile number and your existing SafePass 4-digit MPIN*
  • 4. Indicate if you have a companion.
  • 5. Get the location/area code typed below the QR code.
  • 6. Wait for the confirmation.
  • 7. Show your personalized QR code to the guard on duty.

*For entrants without an existing KyusiPass user account, register at to have a 4-digit MPIN.

All information provided on KyusiPass will go to the City Epidemiology and Disease Surveillance Unit (CESU) for proper contact tracing and monitoring.

Customers may still opt to use manual contact tracing forms, but are encouraged to bring their own pen in accomplishing them.

Aside from the intensified contact tracing efforts, Araneta City continues to ensure the safety of customers and employees through stringent implementation of social distancing measures and other health and safety protocols. Individuals are still required to wear facemasks and face shields, and precautionary measures in entrances such as temperature checks, alcohol dispensers, and foot baths remain. Shoppers are also encouraged to utilize contactless payment modes and channels. One may pay over-the-counter using tap debit/credit cards, or through QR mobile payment apps PayMaya and GCash.

For more details on KyusiPass, check out this information from the Quezon City government.


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