Araneta City honors feast of Santo Niño with Ali Mall exhibit

Araneta City honors feast of Santo Niño with Ali Mall exhibit

In time with the feast of Santo Niño, Araneta City opens the “Ang Batang Hesus” exhibit in Ali Mall from January 4 to 18, 2024.

The exhibit features more than 70 images of the child Jesus from devotees around the country. Among the replicas on display are the three oldest Santo Niño images in the Philippines -- the Santo Niño de Cebu, Santo Niño de Tondo, and Santo Niño de Arevalo.

Aileen Ibay, Property Manager of Ali Mall, sees the exhibit as an opportunity to reignite the devotees' faith this new year. “We must start the year with a strong faith and enthusiasm. The exhibit aims to remind the public of the meaning of the feast of Santo Niño to our culture,” she said.

In Philippine history, the very first image of the Santo Niño was given as a baptismal gift to native Filipinos by Spanish explorers. The locals venerated and accepted the image but was lost in warfare. It was later on discovered intact and miraculously safe amidst burning debris, a miracle regarded to show that anyone can rise from any tribulation.

The "Ang Batang Hesus” exhibit is open for free public viewing at the lower ground floor activity area of Ali Mall.

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