Araneta City’s Gateway Mall 2 wins New Mall of the Year - Philippines at Retail Asia Awards 2024

Araneta City’s Gateway Mall 2 wins New Mall of the Year - Philippines at Retail Asia Awards 2024

The latest addition enhances urban lifestyle in Metro Manila.

Gateway Mall 2, the newest project from Araneta City, has won the New Mall of the Year - Philippines award at the Retail Asia Awards 2024. This award highlights the mall's innovative approach to improving urban living in Metro Manila, offering a complete and modern lifestyle destination with the integration of dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Araneta City, one of the Philippines’ pioneer commercial districts, continues to innovate with Gateway Mall 2. This 8-storey mall expands Araneta City's flagship mall, aiming to enhance the urban experience. Located in a prime area in Metro Manila, Gateway Mall 2 provides easy access for the metro’s busy residents.

Gateway Mall 2 offers a wide range of shopping, dining, entertainment, and leisure options. With over 400 retail shops and about 150 dining spots, the mall provides a modern community experience. The focus is on delivering unique experiences and extensive choices, making it a top lifestyle destination.

The mall includes several standout features: a relaxing Lagoon at the heart of the mall’s array of dining options; the Quantum Skyview with a state-of-the-art LED ceiling (a first in any Philippine mall); the largest cineplex in Metro Manila, Gateway Cineplex 18; the uniquely-shaped Sagrada Familia Church on the mall’s topmost level which offers a quiet spot for spiritual renewal; a local themed food zone for speciality restaurants that showcase the cuisines of renowned Filipino chefs for a unique culinary experience, amongst other mall features.

Designed for convenience, Gateway Mall 2 features easy navigation, open areas, and excellent sightlines that create an inviting atmosphere. The mall is connected to transport hubs, office and residential towers, hotels, entertainment venues, and parking facilities. It also offers direct access to the historic Smart Araneta Coliseum, Novotel Hotel, and the newly opened ibis Styles Hotel.

Gateway Mall 2’s design and layout offer a modern and practical experience. The mall’s engaging design elements cater to people on the go and those seeking a unique urban lifestyle experience. The focus on providing an integrated environment makes it a standout development in the metro.

Araneta City’s Gateway Mall 2 shows the impact of thoughtful urban planning and design. Its recognition at the Retail Asia Awards 2024 highlights its success in redefining the shopping and lifestyle scene in Metro Manila. By blending modern conveniences with unique attractions, Gateway Mall 2 sets a new standard for urban lifestyle destinations, establishing itself as a premier mall in the Philippines.

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