Gateway Cineplex, Ali Mall Cinemas ready to welcome you to a safer theater experience

Gateway Cineplex, Ali Mall Cinemas ready to welcome you to a safer theater experience

There’s nothing like enjoying a movie inside a cinema, from the gigantic and immersive display, which transports you to the center of the action, to the surround sound system, that envelops you and makes the experience more dynamic and realistic. But most especially, watching a movie in a theater allows you to have a social experience like no other. It provides you with a sense of communal joy and thrill. Truly, there’s no place like the cinema.

Good thing, the cinemas in all malls in Araneta City are ready to reopen on November 10. The City of Firsts is looking forward to once again welcoming film buffs eager to enjoy the unique experience of watching a film on a big screen, complete with all the amenities that we’ve come to love.

And to reassure its customers that their health and safety remain to be a top priority, Araneta City is proud to share with everyone that Gateway Cineplex and Ali Mall Cinema have received the Safety Seal from the Quezon City Local Government. The Safety Seal is given to exemplary business establishments that have shown their compliance with minimum health protocols set by the government.

Gateway Cineplex and Ali Mall Cinema are also using UV Care room sterilizers to ensure that their cinemas are ready for the use of their customers. The UV Care brand of room sterilizers is designed to mitigate the spread and growth of various types of pathogens. It also disinfects hard-to-reach corners, crevices, and even the ceiling of the room.

UV Care is registered with the US Food and Drug Administration and the US Environmental Protection Agency. It has also received an A+ rating from the US Better Business Bureau.

Even the Air Conditioning system of all cinemas are UV-treated to eliminate all airborne pathogens.

Aside from the installation of room sterilizers, Araneta City has also reduced cinema capacity to 50% to ensure proper physical distancing between customers. Frequent sanitation and disinfection procedures are also employed to ensure that all cinema facilities are clean.

Araneta City is also encouraging its customers to book their tickets online and in advance. You can purchase your tickets by logging on to

Within the premises, customers are required to wear their face masks and face shields at all times. A mandatory temperature check is also done before the entry of all patrons. Physical distancing is strictly enforced throughout the cinema and other locations in Araneta City. Alcohol dispensers are also widely available around the cinemas so that customers can easily disinfect their hands.

“We know that a lot of our movie buffs are longing to return to the cinema, and we want to tell them that we are ready to welcome them back soon,” Irene Jose, COO of Uniprom, Inc. said. “We have put in place technologies, protocols, and measures to ensure that they can safely enjoy all their most anticipated films. We hope to see them real soon!”

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