Araneta City brings back classic Fiesta Carnival with modern updates, same old entertainment

Araneta City brings back classic Fiesta Carnival with modern updates, same old entertainment

Relive fond memories and experience new ones as Fiesta Carnival, the beloved indoor amusement park of yesteryear, takes center stage once again to bring fun to the City of Firsts.

Starting in December, the iconic attraction reopens in its original home, this time with an array of modern exciting rides and activities. Araneta City teams up with REKS Amusement to share anew the magic of the iconic amusement for contemporary audiences.

Since the announcement months ago, the exciting revival of the renowned carnival brought a wave of nostalgia for batang 70s to 90s. A visit to the new Fiesta Carnival will surely give the older generation a blast from the past, allowing them to relive their fun with the kids nowadays.

"Fiesta Carnival holds a special place in the hearts and minds of its guests before. With this exciting reopening, we want them to revisit their unforgettable experiences, and bring their kids or grandkids to create new delightful memories," Lorna Fabian, VP for Leasing of Araneta City, said.

Among the must-try highlights of the new Fiesta Carnival are Bumper Car, Carousel, World Trip, Chicken Run, Ball Battle City, and the Roller Fever roller-skating rink -- all modern takes on classic rides and attractions enjoyed in the past. Additional rides and attractions such as the Tiger Train, Happy Wheel, Speed Star, Walking Dino, Boat Pool, Rev and Roll, F1 Go Kart, Jurassic Adventure, Snow Playground, Soft Playground, Pirate Ship, Wii Jump Playground, game booths, Cosmic Catcher Claw, Electric Carnival, and a mini bowling alley complete the carnival's fresh offers.

Also inside are food kiosks for quick bites and breaks, and a carnival-themed party room for special events.

Fiesta Carnival opened in 1971 as an enclosed amusement center, with memorable attractions like the roller coaster, carousel, skating rink, mini-train circuit, fairy-tale castle, and more. It was then Manila’s mini-Disneyland, a year-round all-weather place for leisure and amusement, until its closure in the early 2000s.

"The legacy of Fiesta Carnival lies beyond simply being a colorful, inviting amusement park. It is a place of happy experiences -- both for the earlier generations with their amazingly fun stories and memories, and for the younger generations who will enjoy new exciting adventures to last a lifetime," Fabian said.

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