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Happenings at the Araneta City

Unlock the magic promo

  • Venue: Food Express, Gateway Mall
  • December 11-25, 2021



From December 11-25, 2021, every P500 single-receipt purchase from any Araneta City establishment (Gateway Mall/Tower, Ali Mall, New Farmers Plaza, Farmers Market, Farmers Garden, Coliseum Circle Restaurants, New Frontier Theater Arcade, Telus Arcade, Cyberpark Tower 1, Cyberpark Tower 2 Arcade, Shopwise Arcade Restaurants, Araneta City Bus Station, Manhattan Parkway/Parkview/Plaza/Heights Arcade, and Novotel Manila Araneta City) entitles the customer to get a chance to key in the winning combination and crack the code in the Unlock the Magic Promo.

NOTE: Only original copies of official receipts, paper tape receipts, cash or sale invoices with tax identification numbers (TIN) dated December 11-25,2021, are considered valid; Receipts from Shopwise, The SM Store, Puregold, and Isetann are not included in this promo. Reprinted receipt copies, invoices from the purchase of gift certificates, networking dealership purchase, remittance, payment of mobile bills, telephone bills, electric and other utility bills, credit card & the like are NOT valid in this promo. Araneta City reserves the right to refuse defaced, crumpled, and tampered receipts.


  • 1. Customer must present their receipt at the redemption booth located at Food Express, Gateway Mall from 11:00 am to 7:00 pm only.
  • 2. Customer must fill out the game coupon with complete name & address, mobile number and affix signature and drop the game coupon/sat the drop box located at the promo booth.
  • 3. Customer will have to guess the 4-digit combination of the lock of the box for the customer to win the prizes inside the box.
  • 4. Prizes will be found inside the box. If the customer properly enters his/her chosen 4-digit combination and it matches the box’s 4-digit combination and opens the box, the customer may possibly win all the prizes.
  • 5. Customer shall enter his chosen 4-digit combination in the presence of the promo booth representative. Any input without the supervision of the promo booth representative shall be considered invalid.
  • 6. Strictly one gamecoupon = one attempt to open the lock. Game coupons shall be valid only on the date of issue.
  • 7. The promo booth representative will issue the corresponding number of game coupons depending on the value of the receipt. A maximum of 5 gamecoupons will be given per person, regardless of the value of the receipts submitted.
  • 8. Before the customer attempts to open the lock, the customer will write down their chosen 4-digit combination on their submitted game coupon. The game coupon must have a detachable portion, one portion on which the chosen 4-digit combination must be written and be dropped in a drop box while the other portion which the same 4-digit combination, is also written will be retained by the customer as a copy/guide in pressing the numbers on the lock.
  • 9. The customer’s 4-digit combination that opened the lock will be compared to the 4-digit combination written by the customer on the game coupon placed inside the drop box.
  • 10. The promo personnel shall mark the receipts with “claimed” or “redeemed”.
  • 11. By joining the promo, the customer agrees with Araneta City’s privacy policy.
  • 12. All Araneta City employees, its sister companies, and relatives up to the second degree of consanguinity or affinity are disqualified from joining the promo.


  • 1. From December 11-25, 2021, a surprise prize will be added in the Christmas box each day. Newly added items for the promo will be announced through Araneta City’s social media pages and on ground marketing collaterals.
  • 2. All prizes will be given to the customer who keys in the winning combination. If the customer cracks the code before the end of the promo date, he/she shall only receive the prizes from the start date until the date the lock was opened. The next customer who keys in the next winning combination will receive the remaining items.
    December 15, 2021 Prizes for December 11-15,2021 only
    December 25, 2021 (with a previous winner who won last December 15) Prizes for December 16-25, 2021 only
    December 25, 2021 (with no previous winner) Prizes for December 10-25, 2021
  • 3. The prizes won during the Unlock the Magic promo are subject to the terms and conditions of the store and Araneta City.

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